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The Theatre at ACE Hotel:Dita Von Teese’s New Years Eve Gala 2018

Image: Christina Embry

A night of LOVE. Love for excitement, Love for my husband, Love for the vintage lovers around me, and most importantly Love for Dita Von Teese. What an amazing experience. I’ve always admired Dita from a far, wondering how she gets her hair so superbly sleek black and perfectly pin curled. I always admired her commitment to the vintage lifestyle.  Her show in Los Angeles at The Theatre at ACE Hotel, reflected her beauty, elegance and talent. My favorite performances of the evening were many, but I just absolutely loved the act “featuring a giant prop MAC lipstick tube that she sits on and straddles provocatively”. Read more:


It was a sold out show and when we arrived we stood in a line that wrapped around the block.  It was fun to see everyone arriving in their Vintage-esque garb as men held the hands of their ladies in heels avoiding the cracks in the sidewalk…such gentleman. Then at some point a beautiful gal with red lips walked up to my hubby and I to let us know that some scoundrel hit our car and that she made them leave their phone number. What a sweet sister! Unfortunately, the number was fake, but the damage to our car was very real. At first I thought it was a bad omen to start out the New Year. But, I soon forgot all about the damaged car and my worry about the possibly doomed upcoming 2018 as soon as I stepped into the grand lobby of this Spanish Gothic beauty.

This historic United Artists Theatre, built-in 1927, was the vision of silent movie starlet Mary Pickford, who also started the United Artists Studio along with Douglas Fairbanks, Charlie Chaplin and DW Griffith as a rebellion against the Hollywood studio system at the time. The Theatre at ACE Hotel we see today in the Broadway District in Downtown LA has been restored and is currently used for various events such as movie premieres, concerts and seminars, among many other events. For more information on the history of The Theatre at ACE Hotel, click here.

The 1,600 seat theatre itself, made me swoon as I stepped back in time admiring the intricately detailed craftmanship. I just love the attention to detail early movie houses paid to the ceilings (see blog post on The Egyptian Theatre). The light pink dome was encircled by what looked like sun rays. Mary Pickford envisioned a true “movie palace” where movie goers would feel the full grandeur of the experience in the magic of the movies.

Spending New Year’s Eve in this nobel theatre, I could feel the love and devotion the United Artists felt toward their craft as I absorbed the creative spirit they poured into the design of this movie house. Not even recovering from the flu could dampen my enjoyment of the evening ringing in the New Year alongside Dita Von Teese and her fellow performers, in a huge martini glass, of course. For more information on future shows, click here.

To wrap up this Vintage Life Adventure, I highly recommend the classic movie Lady of Burlesque, 1943, staring Barbara Stanwyck and Michael O’Shea. This movie is about a burlesque dancer who, along with other performers try to solve a murder of a fellow burlesque artist. This is a film adaptation of a mystery novel, “The G-String Murders”, written by legendary burlesque artist, Gypsy Rose Lee.


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