Encouragement Found In My Grandma’s Purse.

Ever since a dear friend said to me “how do you have time to blog?“, I stopped blogging. After a whole summer had gone by without writing a single blog post about the cool historical places I had visited, I realized how easily susceptible I was to discouragement when it comes to writing.  I let those very innocent words from my dear friend stop me from doing something I so enjoy because I thought, “she’s right, it’s probably a waste of time and I don’t have what it takes anyway”. I recently remembered a similar situation where I also felt discouraged about writing that took place when I  was about 10 or 11 years old.

One summer day, I gave my Grandma Rose a gift and in my innocence, I was so excited for her to read my expertly written short story about her. I thought for sure she would be overwhelmed with joy and shock at her granddaughter’s gift at prose. No, not even a little bit! As I sat on her rocking chair on a warn red cushion in the corner of her bedroom looking across the room as she read my story, I was bursting with anticipation of possible tears of joy coming from her. Then, her words came out and hit me like a ton of bricks…”It’s alright“. Wait, What? I just poured my creative soul into this and gifted it to you! I thought.

Years later, after my grandma passed away, my mother showed me the very same hand written story neatly folden in a ziplock baggy that she kept in her purse every day for the last 15 years. Wow! My mind was blown! I didn’t understand how my Grandma, who seemed so underwhelmed by the story when she initially read it, could have cherished it enough to hold onto it so tightly and preserve it all those years.

It’s sad, really. Because I took her initial reaction and words so to heart that I gave up on creative writing for a long time.  Words have a strong meaning, especially words from those we cherish and respect as children and as adults.  I looked up to my Grandma as a child,  I cherished and respected her as I do my beautiful friend. I believed when they said “It’s alright” or “How do you have time for that?”. Now, I cannot put all of the blame on them, for goodness sake! I’m the one that read waaaay too much into those words as a child and as an adult. I admit I can be a little sensitive.

Words do matter, but I have come to realize that just as their words meant so much, mine can too. So with that, I want to continue to share my words about historical places and people, historical preservation, vintage clothing as well my repurposing of the past through art and writing. I’d like to share stories and traditions to preserve the past and repurposing them for the future. I want to write about it all and share with all of you, making time and secretly hoping you will be like my Grandma Rose, cherishing blog posts in a special “ziploc baggy” in your own purse….or wallet.

Image Credit: Pinterest 1955 bolsos de cuero del día

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